Credit despite Credit Bureau through sureties does not have to be the only way out for you. Despite the negative Credit Bureau, you can finance seriously without a guarantor.

We have taken a closer look at the most important offers with negative Credit Bureau for you. Our goal is to recommend the loan that suits you and, if possible, does not require a loan guarantee.

Loan despite Credit Bureau through guarantor – desperate loan search

Loan despite Credit Bureau through guarantor - desperate loan search

There is no guarantee for lending or even a legal claim. With over 6 million over-indebted borrowers in Germany, despair is at stake every time a loan is urgently needed. Many people see obtaining credit from Credit Bureau as guarantor as the only chance to escape Credit Bureau’s negative credit rating.

Just a few years ago, more precisely before the USD crisis and nationwide lending via the score, concerns about a “credit emergency” were rare. Despite Credit Bureau, provided the entry had been paid for, even the house bank without guarantors would have turned a blind eye. Today, credit security is the top priority, the score decides. Many credit institutions only assign clerks an “extra role”.

Apparently, only those who receive the “seal of approval” of a positive credit rating from a scoring provider and Credit Bureau will get credit. Nevertheless, despite Credit Bureau, the loan provided by a surety is not the optimal solution to the credit problem. Loan offers offer better solutions, in which the individual case assessment decides on the granting of credit.

Without guarantor – the loan that everyone can afford

Without guarantor - the loan that everyone can afford

Broadly speaking, despite the Credit Bureau of a “special bank”, the individual case check corresponds to the credit check from 10-15 years ago. No computer program decides on the loan, but a person who deals with the individual case. He checks the real creditworthiness of the loan based on current documents. The most important advantage for the borrower is that it is not the past but the current facts that decide.

A loan in spite of Credit Bureau by guarantors can be avoided if the evidence clearly shows that the prospect could stabilize financially. The first important indicator is the old debt paid. (Credit Bureau entry marked as done). Proof of a stable income situation is also important. This proof is provided by the permanent and unconditional employment contract.

Income that is subject to social security contributions is generated from the employment relationship. The amount of the net income must show an attachable share of income. How high the individually necessary income must be depends on the number of dependent persons. In addition, parts of the income may not be subject to attachment.

Despite Credit Bureau – the importance of bank statements

Despite Credit Bureau - the importance of bank statements

The focus of many credit checks despite Credit Bureau is on the bank statements. The period of the last three months is usually requested. The attachment of income can be excluded by comparing the figures between the net amount on the payroll and the receipt of payment on the salary account. In addition, bank statements read like a household diary.

The auditor specifically checks whether there are return debits due to insufficient cover. They practically automatically mean the “end” for the loan application. A chargeback due to insufficient cover stands for temporary insolvency. The second case would be payments to debt collection companies. Debt collection is practically the last stage of the extrajudicial dunning process.

The test concludes with a comparison of income and expenditure. The household bill must show a surplus that enables the installment to be paid in the desired amount. If the bottom line is positive, much is won. Instead of credit from Credit Bureau through guarantors, loans can be taken out independently. The serious individual case examination also proves that there is no excessive credit risk.

Scarce household budget – quick credit despite Credit Bureau

Scarce household budget - quick credit despite Credit Bureau

An impact of the negative Credit Bureau affects every household. Liquidity is limited to regular income. Unexpected expenses or a high bill cannot simply be spread over two months. Smaller, faster credit requirements are therefore an almost inevitable side effect of poor Credit Bureau creditworthiness.

Despite Credit Bureau, the installment loan is not a quick loan to maintain liquidity, with or without a guarantor. Microcredit, which is being offered by an increasing number of lenders, is more suitable for this. The smallest loan amounts can be financed with a term of 30 days to a maximum of 90 days. Depending on the provider chosen, the credit volume for the microcredit is between 100 and 1,000 USD despite Credit Bureau and without a guarantor.

Nobody has to worry about waiting for the money for a long time or, despite Credit Bureau, a loan from a surety. Fidor Bank, a partner of Best Lender, offers the credit emergency call for $ 100 with real-time loan payments. This variant is possible for everyone who has his checking account with the bank. Another alternative would be Vexcash. Existing customers can apply for a loan of up to USD 1,000 in 30 minutes.

Installment loan despite Credit Bureau – private donors

Installment loan despite Credit Bureau - private donors

Bailing out credit despite Credit Bureau is not only possible by examining a special bank on a case-by-case basis. Serious financing despite Credit Bureau without guarantor often comes from private investors. The best contact for the loan application in this case would be the market leaders Best Lender or Good Finance.

Of course, both credit portals check whether serious credit is actually conceivable. With Good Finance, the preconditions are somewhat more moderate. For this, Best Lender offers the chance to avoid the loan despite Credit Bureau by guarantor by bank loan or from private.